Products featuring purple clay, all inspired by Yixing's scenic landscapes. Our first collection is inspired by a material called zi sha 紫砂, or purple clay, 
found only in the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province, China. Due to its porous nature and ability to retain heat, teapots made with purple clay naturally enrich
the flavor of tea with each brew, making it a treasured medium for pottery making. The rare material is synonymous with the town it is from. Purple clay
created an economy in a slow paced rural area, providing job opportunities for its inhabitants. It is regarded as an antique that has produced both a sense of
 pride and a form of self expression for the city, because it is not only prized by foreigners for its ability to enhance a tea drinking experience, but each artisan
is acclaimed for their own personal style when sculpting. For our first collection, UNCMMN partnered with local artisans for several series of products featuring
 purple clay, all inspired by Yixing's scenic landscapes.